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Cookies and privacy when you use the Timian website

Use of ‘cookies’

We want you to be able to use the Timian website easily and find what you are looking for. We also want it to be easy for you to buy our books, events and membership online.

To help us do this we use ‘cookies’ – these are small bits of computer text placed in your web browser when you visit our website. They keep information about choices you have made or pages you have visited or things you have put into your basket.

These are used to:

Show which pages you visited when you came here; these cookies don’t identify you personally, just the pages visited, this helps us know which parts of our website are popular. This helped us know to make our information and resources sections much bigger when we launched our new website. These are what is known as ‘session cookies’, they are deleted at the end of your visit when you close your browser.

Keep a record of what you choose if you choose to change the colour or size of the text or the background. Again, these are ‘session cookies’, they are deleted at the end of your visit when you close your browser.

If you log in, a cookie is used to record that you’ve done that and any purchases you make and put in your basket before you look elsewhere on the website or go to the checkout – if we didn’t use a cookie for this there wouldn’t be anything in the checkout when you got there! This cookie stays in your web browser so you don’t have to keep logging in every time you visit. But you can delete it, see ‘how to manage cookies on your computer’, below.

We do use Google Analytics, these are used for the first item above, to let us know which pages have been visited by how many people.

How to manage cookies on your computer

You can adjust your settings in your browser to not let any cookies be installed on your computer. This will stop the installing of cookies that show which pages you visited; it will not stop you from visiting the site but it will stop you from selecting different accessibility options around text size and colour and background colour and keeping those choices when you move to another page.

This would stop you from buying from this website as this demands a cookie be installed. However, on each page where a book, event or membership is offered for sale, we do offer alternative ways to purchase via telephone or email.


No information about your visit or any purchases is shared with any third party except where, as in our book distributors, we need to tell them what you bought and where you live so they can send the books to you by post.

We do not share our mailing list of Timian members, subscribers or those who have registered with our website with anyone else.

More information

If you have any comments or questions about our use of cookies or our privacy policy please let us know by emailing

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