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Developing confidence to deliver our training courses within their own organisations. The trainer will be able to deliver the Timian Foundation Course and Timian Physical Interventions Training. This will also include Restraint Reduction. Our training carries HPCSA CPD accreditation provided by Autism South Africa and SACE CPTD accreditation is applied for
Availbale to
  • Organisations following Restraint Reduction
  • Organisations that support individuals who challenge services
  • Four Days plus One Day of Assessment
Course Requirements
  1. Staff working in organisations which can evidence that training will be adhered to.
  2. All trainers must currently support people within the service they’re training or be part of the training team.
  3. All organisations must adhere to the RRN guidance.
  4. The training is developed for private sector, public sector and charities providing services to people within Education, Healthcare, Social Care, Mental health, Learning disabilities, adolescent psychiatric, and EBD.
See What You'll Learn
The course will enable participants to deliver our RRN Approved Training Courses within their own organisations. This will include:
  • Core Values
  • Understanding Behaviour as Communication
  • Developing Individual Response Strategies
  • Required Standards
  • Physical Strategies and Restraint Reduction
Common Questions
  • Does Timian only teach restraint techniques on its courses?
  • No, our Foundation Course doesn’t include any restraint and courses which do contain restraint, emphasise restraint reduction as a core element of the training.

  • Is this course just physical skills?
  • No, there are four chapters to this course before any physical skills take place. Looking at Quality of Life, Communication as Behaviour, Individual Response Strategies and Standards.

  • Is this course a Pass/Fail Course?
  • The short answer is Yes, we expect that any course delivering this kind of training should have criteria for measuring people’s ability to put the training into practice.

  • Are the courses accredited?
  • Yes, all course which contain a physical element are accredited by the British Institute of Learning Disabilities.

We support individuals and organisations to develop the safest techniques for supporting challenging behaviour.

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